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I remember the first time I picked up a magazine about wood boats. It was full of wooden boats for sale, ads with plans from the likes of clc boats with sailboat kits for building your own wooden sailboat, and stories of far off exotic sailing destinations that most people never get to see. Needless to say I was hooked. I stared at the boat plans from clc boats and then checked out their website. I soon discovered other sites about wood boats and wooden boats for sale.

I really got hooked on sites like Dudley Dix, and Bruce Roberts, The sailboat pics and sailboat kits really intrigued me. The thought of a wood boat built by my own hands and used to sail off to those exotic sailing destinations has stuck in my heart since that first magazine. On the boat plan sites the pictures of sailboat interior lead to fantasies of living on one of those sailboats and waking up in remote anchorages, and looking at the plans I wondered if I could build one and how long would it take.

The doubt in my mind of having a place to build a boat as well as the unknown factors of time involved and money required led me to browsing sites such as boats.com, boattrader.com, and sailboatlistings.com. These sites had wooden boats for sale and I browsed through the sailboat pics endlessly. Then came the thoughts of I don’t even know how to sail. Followed by where would I keep this boat? Everything I thought about created many doubts. Even if I bought a wood boat, how would I afford to live and sail off to those exotic sailing destinations?

Well I have finally resolved all of the doubts. I realized a person doesn’t have to resolve every one of those issues. Find a way to get a wood boat in your life. Even if it is just buying a small wooden boat for sale, and storing it in your yard on a trailer between sails in the nearby lake. Cant live on your wooden sailboat? Go camping on your boat. I have found that having big plans that are overwhelming will hold you back. Start small and grow, Imagine thinking you don’t have time to do something and 10 years later you are still thinking you don’t have time, but I am sure during that 10 years you could of done many small things to fulfill your dream that involved a wood boat.

So for my dreams I have finally decided to build a wooden sailboat. I have chosen the vacationer plan from Stevenson projects. It is small enough for someone to build in a reasonable amount of time as well as affordable. It also is very capable of takeing someone on weekend adventures. I will post updates on addicted2sailing.com and the forums. Maybe even a YouTube video or two. Thanks for taking your time to read this blog, feel free to comment. I am really interested in hearing other peoples experiences with discovering wooden boats.

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Thanks for reading my thoughts on wood boats, More to come in the future.

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