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So, you are tired of getting blisters and rope burn and have decided you need a good pair of sailing gloves.  I am sure you went to the ever so handy Google and did a search for sailing gloves or maybe boating gloves.  Wow I bet you found countless results.  So how do you decide which ones are for you?  I set out to determine how to determine which gloves where the best sailing gloves for someone.

The first thing to ask is what will you be doing with your sailing gloves?  I know I know sailing, but what kind of sailing?  So, the first thing to answer is what size boat do you have?  The reason for this is it determines the size of your lines.  If the gloves are too thick you won’t have a good feel for the thinner lines of a small sailboat.  Imagine wearing a pair of gloves and trying to use dental floss.  Pay attention to the thickness is the first rule.

The next thing is how will the sailing gloves handle the elements?  Are they waterproof, and if not, how long does it take for them to dry out?  Are you going to be in cold weather?  If so, you need gloves with insulation and longer cuffs to cover your wrists.

So, after you determine these things you need to choose what sailing gloves will be comfortable for you.  Some gloves have all the fingertips open, so you have your sensitivity in every finger.  Other sailing gloves have just the thumb and forefinger open and the last fingers closed.  Finally, if you are mainly steering there are gloves with curved fingers to reduce pinching while holding the wheel or tiller.

So now you have an idea of which sailing gloves you want.  What are the Top brands for sailing gloves?  Well, this is where opinion comes in and you know everyone has one.  So, I did some research and created the following list of brands that could be considered the best sailing gloves.

Zhik:  This brand is used by Olympic teams and other sailing events around the world. 

Mustang Survival:  An all-around good glove.

Helly Hanson:  Considered one of the top names in not only sailing gloves but sailing and foul weather gear in general.

Harken:  Used buy a lot of competitive sailing teams.

Gill:  This is a top brand and is usually considered the best choice.

Finally, to close out, what should you pay for sailing gloves?  My feeling is if you are getting your first pair of sailing gloves or boat gloves then try to stay in the range of $20 to $40.  You can find a good pair of sailing gloves in that price range easily.  Follow the links for the brands above or this general sailing gloves link to see what is available.

If you are interested in learning to sail and sailing in general check out our other posts on the Blog. For more posts on this topic you can go to this page.

Good luck finding the right sailing gloves for you! if you have any things, I have not mentioned here that can help others decide what sailing gloves to buy please feel free to post below.

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